D. M. Bowman is committed to providing the best transportation services in the industry. With over 50 years of dedication and commitment to our customers, D. M. Bowman will take the time to understand your business by matching our services with all your specialized needs. As you review our wide-array of services below, you can request more information by one of the following methods:

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Van/Line-Haul Services:

With North-South and East-West interstate highways less than a mile away from one of its largest VAN operations, D. M. Bowman can provide delivery services throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and other regions with ease and superiority above others. Capabilities include (but not limited to) a vast pool of well-maintained late-model tractors and trailers, experienced professional drivers, competitive pricing, centralized billing, dependable on-time service for just-in-time deliveries, and dedicated representatives for your specific needs.

All of our tractors are equipped with satellite tracking or GPS equipment, making it easy to locate and determine the status of the transport of your product. Whatever is needed, D. M. Bowman has the latest equipment, the right equipment for your company's comprehensive delivery needs.

Short-Haul and Long-Haul Services:

Same day, next day, just-in-time-who you use to get your product to its destination is as important as how it gets there. When using D. M. Bowman, your company has a private fleet at its disposal to move your product where it needs to go, when it needs to get there. The company's short-haul operation can outline a plan that meets your needs, deadlines, and budget. D. M. Bowman handles long-haul operations in many parts of the country. Grocery, retail, construction, and manufacturing-D.M. Bowman will look at your needs and create a program that not only works the way you do, but saves you money.

Flatbed, Bulk, and Specialty Services:

For many years, D. M. Bowman has provided short-haul and long-haul services to many areas of the country requiring the use of flatbed, bulk tanker, and other specialty equipment. Our flatbed trailers are 48-foot lightweight aluminum composite with coil racks, chains, and straps. We have dry-bulk pneumatic tankers. We have experience in transporting building materials, steel, and agri/chemical products, asphalt; and the requirements of mineral handling.

Dedicated Fleet Services:

D. M. Bowman is well known for their dedicated fleet services. D. M. Bowman will offer all the advantages of a private fleet without all of the associated costs. Enjoy some of the benefits of dedicated fleet services like the best in on-time deliveries, superior quality, control/flexibility, experienced professional drivers, well-maintained tractors and trailers assigned exclusively to your freight, dedicated customer service team, specialty equipment, and a dedicated support team onsite if required.     Show more...


With many years of Brokerage experience, D. M. Bowman is one of the leaders in the brokerage industry. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team that can move your freight at competitive rates. Contact our Brokerage team at (800) 391-6724.     Show more...

IT-Related Services (EDI, Load Tracking, On-Line Documents):

D. M. Bowman is committed to technology to provide our customers with the latest tools to assist in managing their business effectively. Many tools like Load Status or Tracking, Proof of Delivery, Invoice Document Retrieval, and Available Equipment Monitoring are available on our website making it easy and fast to get to the proper information related to our customer's operation. We can offer our customers automatic tendering, tracking, and billing of loads via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). We can do practically any transaction type. FTP direct to our customers is the preferred EDI communication method but we are capable of communicating many different ways including EDI-INT.

It's more than just "the future here today." It's technology applied to your needs, reducing your costs, increasing the quality of your performance. D. M. Bowman's pledge to you is to continue investing in new technologies, to find additional ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the service you receive.

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